Business Excellence Initiatives

Business Excellence at Tata Power-DDL

"Business Excellence" (BE) is an integral part of Business Management and is the application of Quality Management theory and tools to run our business more efficiently. Business Excellence is the culture of Tata Power-DDL, which works as an enabler to our commitment to higher customer satisfaction, increase in stakeholder value and better process management through the never-ending cycle of continual improvement.

Business Excellence Maturity Index (BEMI) is an integrated framework which comprise of business excellence practices across Total Quality Management (TQM), Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Accreditations. The thought of customer driven business objectives & strategies, and continual & breakthrough improvement are being promoted through a range of BE initiatives.

1. Policy Management

The concept of Policy Management (PM) comes from Japanese word Hoshin Kanri. Hoshin means Policy / Direction and Kanri means Management. PM helps in development of the business plans which is driven by the Senior Leadership Team and cascaded across the organization. Under the PM framework at Tata Power-DDL, 3-year Mid-Term Plan (MTP) is set with defined business goals which is cascaded into Annual